CITKD Representatives at the 2018 World Taekwon-Do Championship in Argentina.

The Bell has kindly offered to support David Scott and his Team from CITKD (Taekwondo). That will be representing England in the 2018 Taekwon-do World Championships.


We are supporting the CITKD team and raising money to help towards travel expenses, there are only a few select people going one being a young lady called Vanessa who will be in the under 16yrs group, a very talented young Martial Artist and with the right support from you we can help Vanessa get to the World Championships in Argentina and bring back some medals for England.



Vanessa is Team UK ranked number 1 in under 60kg Sparring,  he is also the European Silver Medallist. Her season to date is second to none and she’s beaten several World champions at higher age categories.

Vanessa comes from a humble family and is reliant on her father to also attend. We as a group are determined to pay half of the expenses.

We have other contenders who will pay for themselves but unfortunately this is not an option for this under 16.

With your help we can secure this young girls dreams and get another medal for UKITF.

Vanessa hopes next year to be selected for Olympic selections and fulfil a family’s dream.

Vanessa has a Fund me page so if you have a spare few minutes then please check it out





CITKD are also doing a sponsored Spar “that’s fighting not having a massage or getting your nails done”


In July 2016 I was lucky enough to represent CITKD and ENDLAND at the Brighton World Kup and came away with 2 gold medals.

Also in Oct 2016 I took part in the British Open Championships, I came away with 2 Golds, 1 Silver medal and a trophy for the best overall fighter.

I’m hoping I can keep up the level that I have set myself going forward.


CITKD Representatives at the 2018 World Taekwon-Do Championship in Argentina.


We are doing a none stop sponsored spar which will be running from.


MONDAY 19:30-21:00

TUESDAY 19:30-21:00

WEDNESDAY 19:30-21:00

THURSDAY 19:30-21:00


There is no set amount, any support you can give will be good enough. “Every little help” as Tesco’s say


If you wish to help out with either the sponsor or wish to donate anything then please email me on and if you wish to help Vanessa please visit her PAGE