The Bell at Hardwick Off-license


We also offer an off-license service to regulars and visitors alike.  Our off-license wine list is much more extensive than what we offer for drinking in the pub and is supplied from our sister Organic lifestyle supermarket in Princes Risborough.

All of the Organic wine which we sell in our sister shop in Princes Risborough is available from The Bell at Hardwick.  All of it is unavailable in the supermarket.  It is supplied by our business partner Vinceremos.  Some of the wines are available on demand, some need to be ordered.

Look out for our events which will showcase some of these and will allow you to sample and detect the difference!

How is Organic wine different?

Organic wine has to have less than 50% of the sulphites of ordinary wine and you will notice less of a hangover as a result.  All of our wines are vegan and are not clarified with lactose products or fish scales.  Some of our wines are free of sulphites entirely (indicated by nsa) which will suit those who have an intolerance to them.  Many of our wines are biodynamically produced (BP), a method whose central tenets are  1) an organic minimum, no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical input and 2) a homeopathic approach to preparations and treatments.  Organic wine methods avoid the crushing of the pips and the addition of  sugar which is used to hide the unpleasant taste of the toxins from the crushed pips and make some mon-organically produced wines more palatable.  With less overall sugar, these wines will be better for your waistline!

From a novice wine enthusiast’s perspective, the taste of Organic wines seem cleaner on the palate.

Wine list

These wines are available at the following off-license prices.  This extended wine list (which is much longer than the normal pub wine list) is available at a discount to restaurant prices for functions.  All have been tasted and selected by us and can be tried prior to confirmation of order for internal or external catering.  Or if you would just like a bottle or 6 to take home we can arrange that with a couple of days notice!